Quantum-enhanced MRI (n):

A non-invasive imaging approach that reveals metabolic activity in health, disease, and treatment.

Diagnostic imaging is a pillar of medicine

Diagnostic imaging tools provide answers to some of medicine’s toughest questions, non-invasively.

Molecular imaging and the promise of precision medicine

Governments, industry players, and the clinical community have invested substantial resources to demonstrate how molecular imaging can impact patient care.

Quantum-enhanced MRI is a form of molecular imaging

After first entering clinical research in 2010, quantum-enhanced MRI has enjoyed years of validation studies in a range of clinical missions spanning oncology, cardiology, neurology, and others.

Vizma.AI makes Quantum-enhanced MRI and precision medicine practical

We are developing hardware and software solutions that dovetail with the needs of healthcare providers to make quantum-enhanced MRI a scalable solution.

Delivering a triple win

Quantum-enhanced MRI provides insightful data, unlocks untapped revenue from MRI investments, and drives sustainability by minimizing unnecessary procedures and waste.